MOSSINGARDEN spored from the love of Mother Nature of a true-blue urbanite. Seeing that we sometimes unknowingly brush aside the innate need to connect with nature, MOSSINGARDEN hopes to instill a balance of nature and beauty within the everyday concrete spaces we’re surrounded by.

What we love – we grow

— Charles Loh , founder & creator


Connecting People to Plants

The universe is one of God’s greatest masterpieces and Mother nature in its splendor has always been my muse. My childhood years were filled with fishing trips and camping adventures that my parents took me to – it was always the fishing rod over the Nintendo. As I grew older, I was always finding ways to fuse together two of my greatest influences in life – nature and art; through unconventional ways, weaving in modernistic nuances.

This Is Us

During one of my travels, it dawned upon me the beauty of being able to encapsulate self-sustaining ecosystems tiny glass worlds.


Especially where I’m from, we are all too desensitised with technology – how lovely it would be if we could all take a piece of nature away with us, in the confinements of concrete spaces.

And this is how it all begun.